On a journey to get as close to perfection as HE allows....

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Permalink Today is an important day in the lives of many!!!! Today is the day my mother was born. She can be a tough cookie sometimes but I wouldn’t ask for another. Life hasn’t always been easy but she makes it worth it. My first Superhero…..superwoman in the flesh! Perseverance and persistence will lead you right to the place God wants you! She knows I’m sick before I do, knows how to catch me before I know I’m falling, knows how to be a mother and friend (even though she don’t want to play with me and pops sometimes lol) no matter the route I can’t stop til I reach success because she didn’t and hasn’t!!! #HappyBirthday to the best mother ever!! #GreatnessBegetsGreatness #YouAreWelcomeWorld #AintAWomanAliveThatCouldTakeMyMothersPlace
Permalink This that other folk type ish! It’s a thunderstorm happening right now but your kids are playing in it. Might I add that they are barefoot. I’m timing my dash to the door and these kids asking for a cold or the flu. #WhereAreYourParents #TF
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Permalink Cue Kendrick Lamar #NoMakeUpToday ….what I look like 9times out of 10 #childish
Permalink PiYoLET was TOUGH BUT I liked it a lot! Stiletto fit routine was a bit challenging but I did alright. @innermestudios working on flexibility and skills!!! #PiYoLET #StilettoFit #innermestudios
Permalink Happy birthday to my beautiful, talented, loving and God fearing Aunt Sharon! She took me to concerts, did my make up, one of the first people to tell me to sing out! My aunt is the absolute best and our relationship has only become stronger as I became an adult. We have had conversations about life love and happiness that I appreciate to no end! This day is for you! #HappyBirthday #FromOneDivaToAnother